Details on hundreds of church websites, now filterable.

We've curated all of the important info on church websites that you'd ever want to know and made it easily filterable. We found out everything from platforms, fonts, colors and unique features and then made it easy to find based on church specific details like denomination, attendance and location.


Want to know if a church is using WordPress, Squarespace, The Church Co, Wix or something else? We found out.


Want to find examples of church websites using video headers? How about churches using yellow? We made that easy.


Want to know how a church of 15,000 organizes their sermons?Curious what church plants are using for their websites?  We were too. 


How do church websites in Kentucky differ from church websites in California? Honestly, they don't. But now we know.


Are Independent churches more likely to use an open source CMS like WordPress than Baptist churches? This is the type of question theologians have been asking for years, right?

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